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How to Download, Install and Configure Komodo Edit

How to Download, Install and Configure Komodo Edit

As I introduced in this blog before, in the title: Top 10 Linux/Unix HTML Editor
Komodo Edit and Komodo IDE is one of the best HTML Editor in Linux. They also have this software in Windows and MacOS editions. These editions also get high score. So today, I will show you how to download, install Komodo Edit - My favorite HTML Editor.

If you want to know more about other editor and/or don't know how to choose WYSIWYG or text Editor you can visit my static page about web development tools: Web Development Tools Tutorials and Reviews. Here you will find a lot of information and will be soon choose your web dev tool.

How to download Komodo Edit and Komodo IDE

The first question is: How do I get Komodo Edit or IDE and Are they FREE? Yes, they are open-source and FREE for you to download. You can go to their website: Komodo Website and download the suit version for you or you can download the latest version directly here:

Download Komodo Edit Linux 32bit x86 Edition


Download Komodo Edit Linux 64bit x64 Edition

How to Install Komodo Edit

Step 1:
After downloading Komodo Edit to your computer, use any tool you know to extract file tar.gz. Asume that you extract contents of file tar.gz to folder Komodo.

Step 2: Now open your terminal, CD to folder Komodo, then type ./ and press Enter.

Step 3: Komodo will ask you if you want to change install folder? Press enter to use its default.Then the software will do it works. You just have to wait for the result like this:

Komodo Edit-6.desktop has been successfully installed to:
You might want to add 'komodo' to your PATH by adding the 
install dir to you PATH. Bash users can add the following
to their ~/.bashrc file:

    export PATH="/home/yourname/Komodo-Edit-6/bin:$PATH"

Or you could create a symbolic link to 'komodo', e.g.:

    ln -s "/home/yourname/Komodo-Edit-6/bin/komodo" /usr/local/bin/komodo

Documentation is available in Komodo or on the web here:

Please send us any feedback you might have or log bugs here:

Thank you for using Komodo.

Step 4: Congratulation! You have just finished installing Komodo Edit. You will se there is an icon of Komodo in your desktop. To run Komodo, you just double click the icon.

How to Configure your workspace in Komodo Editor

Now you got Komodo, but you need to make some small changes to make it your sword. OK, just follow my steps:

Step 1: Open Komodo (double click the icon)

Step 2: Make a test file and type:
Hello. Komodo. Im

Step 3: Save your file. Now you want an editor that can allow you to preview what you've done without open it manually. You found it. Go to menu View and select Browser Preview. An mini windows will appear below to show you your works.

Step 4: Choose View>Tab and Sizebar>Toolbox to get language support. Currently, Komodo Editor help you in: HTML, HTML5, Perl, PHP, Python 2 &3,
RHTML, Ruby, Tcl, XUL. It is good enough to build an excellent web page.

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