Friday, August 26, 2011

[FSN] Pro PHP and jQuery (Expert's Voice in Open Source) [Repost]

Product Description

Currently, there are no books that directly teach the combination of PHP and jQuery. This combination is pretty popular, and a book that specifically provides information about combining these two languages will definitely appeal to a large number of today's web professionals. This book assumes a working knowledge of PHP, but it starts from scratch with jQuery, making it a good buy for PHP developers who want to add jQuery functionality to their websites.


About the Author

Jason Lengstorf is a software designer and developer based in Missoula, Montana. As the owner of Ennui Design, he specializes in creating custom web applications, ranging from simple informational web sites to full-fledged content management systems. When not glued to his keyboard, he's likely standing in line for coffee, shopping for cowboy shirts, or pretending to know something about wine.

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