Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Red Eye Removal in

Just about everyone who has ever taken a photo of people using flash will have encountered the problem of red eye, where the pupils of the subjects shine bright red as a result of light reflecting off the blood vessels in the back of the eyes.

Pixel-based image editors have always lended themselves to correcting this problem, and now many editors, like, include dedicated tools specifically for dealing with red eye. Here we'll take a look at the simple steps to use the Red Eye Removal tool in

1. Select a Pupil

Using the Ellipse Select tool© Ian Pullen
It is possible to use the Red Eye Removal tool in without selecting the pupils first, but this can produce unexpected results if there are other areas in the image that contain significant amounts of red. For this reason it is best to take a few moments to select the pupils first.

To do this, just choose the Ellipse Select tool from the Tools palette – the round circle with a broken outline. Next, it is easier to zoom in first by clicking the magnifying glass with the '+' symbol in the top bar, and then click and draw a circular selection around one of the pupils.

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