Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to Write About Me Page for Your Blog

How to Write an Effective "About Me" Page

Your blog's "About Me" page should not be overlooked. It's an essential tool to establish who you are as a blogger and help readers understand what your blog is about. Simply listing your name and contact information is not enough. Sell yourself and your blog on your "About Me" page, and make readers believe you're not only an expert in your blog's topic but your blog is also the place for people to find information about your topic on the web.
Following are the three most important elements to include on your "About Me" page:

  • Your experience and why you're the best person to blog about your subject matter
  • Links to your other websites or blogs self promotion is critical to your success as a blogger
  • Your contact information so interested readers can ask questions or reach out to you for other business opportunities (which happens often in the blogosphere)
Furthermore, make sure your blog's "About Me" page is easy to find not just on your blog's home page but on every page in your blog.
Anyone can write a blog, but readers look for bloggers whose writing style they enjoy or bloggers who have the appropriate level of experience to write on a specific topic. Tell your readers why they can feel confident listening to what you have to say, and let them know you're accessible to them and value them, and your reader loyalty will get a welcome boost.


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