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How to install Wordpress on a host Step by Step

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Recently I found that Wordpress is a cool blog software that could be used in many case and I gave Wordpress a try. I installed Wordpress on a free host and use a free domain (Most of free hosting services usually provide free subdomain). If you know Wordpress or just begin learn about it, you know that Wordpress has a famous 5-steps installation, so what this post is good for?
Before you install Wordpress on your host, you should setup Wordpress your own on a test host. It is really useful. You want to learn Wordpress (create plugin, themes, ...) totally free or you want to test your new theme without making any effection to your current pages, ... So, whatever the reason that bring you to install wordpress for a test and feel, this tutorial will be good for you because I will try to make it more detail with images.

What is my result: After complete this tutorial, you will get a blog/website with your free domain. You can access this site by go to address You can manage your blog like you are in wordpress free blog (manage posts, tags, comments, ...) but in your own domain. Now, let's begin!
Step 1: Download Wordpress
Go to and get the latest version. When I made this tutorial, the latest version of Wordpress is 3.2.1. You will get a compressed file in your local machine.
Step 2: Make it ready server side
Create a database and user for Wordpress to use. It looks like this picture below:

Step 3: Make it ready locally.
Extract your compressed file and you got a folder named wordpress.Rename it anything you like. I will rename mine to "imhades". Now, rename file wp-config-sample.php in folder imhades to wp-config.php

Now open file wp-config.php and fill the database information you have created in step 2. Look at this image:

After that use any wordprocessor to open file index.php. In your opened index.php file, find line:
Then replace with:
Save your works and close text editor.
Step 4: Upload to host.
You have prepared for your website and now it is time to upload files to host (any, free or not). Open your ftp client (I recommend use Filezilla. It is free and available both in Linux and Windows) and login with you ftp account to you host.
Browse to imhades folder and right click, choose Upload and all files in folder imhades will be upload to you root directory on your host.
Now, if your root dir already has a file named: index.html or index.php just rename these file to whatever you want. Copy file index.php in folder imhades (you've uploaded to your host) to the root directory.
Step 5: Install and Enjoy.
Open your web browser and go to 
Fill all the form in installation site and wordpress will be install automatically in a minute. (Please remember password for Admin created in this step).It is really fast.
Congratulation! You now got your blog/website on your host and can access wordpress control board. Just go to this address:
You will be asked for password to login your dashboard. After successfully login, you will see this familiar board like this:
I know that now you want to see what your website looks like? And you go to and couldn't find anything. Just one change and you will got it:
In your dashboard go to Setting and change:
WordPress address (URL) field to:
Site address (URL) field to:
Save your setting and now try your big apple. Open browser and go to:
You will get result like this:
It is easy right?
If you have any problem you can let me know. I am really happy to help you!

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