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How to install plugins in Wordpress

Tags: How to install plugins in Wordpress

It is easy to install plugins in wordpress but if you have any trouble while dealing with installation progress, this post will help you in detail with images from the beginning - finding a plugin - to the end - activating an installed plugin - Step by Step. Beside this, I will introduce some useful plugin for Wordpress and How to get them. Now, lets begin!

Step 1: Find a Plugin.
The most famoust Wordpress plugin site is: where you could find a lot of plugins.

But today, with a few keyword you will get it somewhere via google. But remember, like other tools, Wordpress also has hacker who want to take control your site, so you should find plugin in trusted source or installing only recommended plugins. For example I will install plugin: wp-dbmanager in this tutorial. You can download it here:
After download this plugin to local computer you will get a zip file named: Extract this file and you will get a folder named: wp-dbmanager.

Step 2: Upload Plugins:
Ok, You got your plugin files on your local computer. Open your Filezilla ftp client (as I mentioned early in this post: How to install wordpress on a host) and upload this folder to wp-content/plugins directory in your host.

Step 3: Activate Plugin.
Now go to your dashboard (Mine address: and go to the plugin you will see your uploaded plugin appeared in your plugin list.

Check to select you desired plugin and click activate to make this plugin serve your site.

Is it easy! Of course! Because you are so awesome! Now I will introduce some good plugin for your wordpress site:
1. W3 Total Cache: It will boosts up your site by a variety tachniques.
2. WP Database Manager: As I introduced how to install above, this will help you back-up your database.
3. Post Per Page: Customize how many post in one page.
4. Post Editor Button: You will find it really help because it let you add many editor button to your default editor.
5. All-in-One SEO Pack: You will need it to make Search Engines know your site.
How to get these:
It is really easy, just go to wordpress plugin page and search for the name. You will find what you want to.

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