Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Choosing a Blog Host - BlueHost Review

BlueHost Equals Customer Satisfaction

Choosing a blog host can be confusing, but one thing is for sure when it comes to BlueHost, customers love it.


BlueHost provides a full range of features, an impressive amount of space and unlimited domain names to its users.
Some customers do complain that the user control panel is a bit more cumbersome than other blog hosts. You can see BlueHost's most recent list of features on the BlueHost website.

Uptime and Availability

BlueHost's customers consistently rave about the nearly 100% uptime they experience for their blogs.


BlueHost's pricing is very competitive with other blog hosts. The features offered and the outstanding customer service make customers say BlueHost definitely delivers great value for the money. Customers also enjoy the fact that if BlueHost adds additional features to their hosting plan, current users can upgrade with a single phone call to the customer support team. You can learn about BlueHost's current pricing on the BlueHost pricing page of their website.

Customer Service and Support

What sets BlueHost apart from other blog hosts is its customer service and support team. BlueHost customers rave about the incredible customer service provided by BlueHost stating that problems are typically resolved quickly with a single phone call, and the BlueHost support team goes above and beyond the call of duty to help customers.

BlueHost repeatedly earns five stars in customer reviews. It's a great blog host choice for beginner bloggers who need an accessible customer support team behind them. In fact, the consistent uptime, full array of features, competitive pricing and excellent customer support makes BlueHost a great blog host choice for most bloggers.

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