Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5 Sites for Free Blogger Templates

There are many websites that offer links to download free Blogger templates. Following are five sites that together offer hundreds of free Blogger templates for you to choose from to enhance your blog.

1. Blogger Buster

The themes from Blogger Buster are well made and easy to use.

2. BTemplates.com

A wide variety of free Blogger themes categorized by number of columns, colors, style and more.

3. eBlogTemplates.com

A huge variety of free Blogger templates.  Learn more in my overview of eBlogTemplates.

4. Pyzam.com

Pyzam.com provides a huge variety of free Blogger themes for download in easy to search categories such as color, topic, and more.

5. SuckMyLolly.com

SuckMyLolly.com offers a variety of XML (Blogger Layouts) and Classic Blogger templates.

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