Monday, June 20, 2011

How to read .PRC ebook files on Nokia S40

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You can use MobiPocket Reader to read ebooks in/on Nokia 3110c and others S40 series. Through these steps, I have tested with my Nokia 3110c successfully.

Notes: I have posted my ebooks collection at the end of this post. About 120-130 ebooks for you to download and enjoy.

Step 1:
Download this: (size 8.44Mb, I also added some ebook just for you to test it immediately).


mobireaderjavaphonesB078.rar [ Downloaded: times.]

mobireaderjavaphonesB078.rar [ Downloaded: times].

Extract this RAR file and find the JAR and JAD file. The Sample Ebooks PRC folder has sample ebooks I had told before. Copy JAR and JAD file to your phone. (Phone's memory or extra memories also OK.) But remember DO NOT run the JAR & JAD now. (I will assume that we copy the two file JAR and JAD to driver E:\)

Step 2:
Now, you adjust your phone's date and time to day = 2 (whatever, it doesn't matter), Month = 2 (whatever, it doesn't matter, too), Year = 2008 (must be 2008).
Don't worry cos after Mobipocket installed successfully, we will take the phone's date as normal. Just a trick to install Mobipocket without hack your phone.

Step 3:
This step's purpose is to avoid your phone to ask you to "allow Accept data" so many times.
Now, open you file browser in your phone. Browse to your JAR and JAD file. (anywhere you have copied them to). Press "Options".
Next, select Application Access
Next, select Data Access
Now there will be 4 things to select: Multimedia record, Read User Data, Add and Edit data, Smart Card. You have to select all 4 one-by-one and with each of them select "Alway Allowed."
For examle: You select Multimedia record and then Alway Allowed.
after that Select  Read User Data and then Alway Allowed, ...etc

Step 4:
Now run your JAR file. It will ask you "allow accept ..." -> just accept it all. (It will ask for the first time we run app only because of the 3rd step above).
But Mobipocke reader will warn you that it could not file any ebooks. Of course, man.
You haven't copied ebooks to your phone yet.
Now you can download my ebooks collection here:

Exit Mobipocket reader.
Now in the E:\ driver you will see a new folder named eBooks. If you don't, just crea a folder with this name.
Remember one thing: It's case sensitive.
Next you can copy all prc file in my ebooks collection to this folder.

Step 5: 
You have finished installation MobiPocket reader on your Nokia S40.Now you can run application and enjoy ebooks.

Notes :
Once you have finished your works, and its running correctly but if you move JAR and JAD file to another folder. You have to make it from start again.

If you have any questions, just comment here for me to know. Maybe I can help you to solve this.

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  1. Wow Thank thank you thank you thank you thank you!! :D :D

    It did not work at first but I followed these few changes:
    1. I used this download link;
    2. Followed your instructions
    3. And I changed the phone year to 2009

    And it finally worked!! THANKS!! :D