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Step 1:

Step 2:
You will see your web browser like this:
Here, you press Register in the top – right of screen.

Step 3:
You will see something like this:
First you have to enter your username you will use. The neobux requirements of this username are: it contains only letters and numbers, start with a letter and the length must be between 4 and 14 chars, different from registered users.
Second:  enter your neobux password with the following requirement: it contains only letters and numbers, the length must be between 4 and 20 chars.
Third: enter your neobux account email balance. It will be used to receive news, informations about neobux that admin send to you.
Fourth: enter alertpay/ paypal email. This is your paypal or alertpay email. It will be used to send/receive money to/from neobux. Its must be a verify paypal/alertpay account. But at the time of register, this could be an email that you pretended to use with your paypal/alertpay account. It will take effect only when you want to transfer money to/from neobux. If you don’t have paypal or alertpay account. Just click HERE for paypal and HERE for alertpay to have one.
Fith: enter your birth year.
Sixth: enter image verification.
Seven: tick the declare box and press continue button.

Step 4:
Your next neobux window will look like this:
Just open your account email and paypal email that you have been registered before and get a new mail with validation code for each. If your account mail is the same with your paypal mail, you will get only 1 validation code. Just copy this code and paste to the box.
Enter image verification and press “finish registration”.

Step 5:
You have been successfully created a fresh new account in Neobux. A new beginning just open in front of your eyes. Just follow my guide to be a milionaire with neobux.


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